Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February #1

For the first time since November, we finally had a full house at Fibrecircle this week, which was great! Everyone had plenty of stories to tell and there was a lot of interesting work on show.

Jan brought along her latest explorations in natural dyeing. This scarf was dyed with onion skins and rusty metal. The metal effectively added ferrous to the bath, making the colours darker.

It's so delicate and subtle, so it's hard to photograph, but so beautiful.

Her second scarf was dyed with teabags, red cabbage, in a bath of onion skins and rusty metal.

It's also quite subtle but has a quite obvious pattern on it from the red cabbage.

She also brought along some more naturally dyed cards. The leaf patterns are subtle and lovely.

Maz brought along some dyeing she did recently in a class with Barbara Schey. This cheesecloth was folded and stitched in rows of four, before being dyed in napthol dye.
This piece of 6mom silk had a two-step process. First, it was dyed turquoise with fibre reactive dye and, once it was dry, it was stitched and over-dyed with black fibre reactive dye.
She dyed this piece of 6mom silk with napthol in red and blue baths, after adding various folds, pleats, inverted pleats and stitched semicircles.

Finally, she layered cotton lawn pieces with silk in between and stitches a pattern with the sewing machine. The cloth was dyed in a red napthol bath.
Interestingly, the colour of the silk is totally different than the colour on the cotton. One more example of the alchemy that is dyeing!

Maz was working on a piece inspired by Highways and Byways by Paul Klee, which she's doing with another group of friends.
It's hand painted silk, with simple hand stitching so far. The colours are just gorgeous.
More soon!

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