Sunday, 11 December 2011

And some other things we've been doing..

Here's some other stuff we've been working on or have to share. First, the laminating we did a few weeks ago on sheer fabrics:
Here's Bev's piece of laminated fabric. The photocopied image basically disappeared, but the images from newsprint have printed just fine. The back of Bev's fabric is still quite white and the hand is quite paper-like, but the image is semi-sheer.
This is Tricia's laminated fabric. She had composed a set of images into a single piece of work, and it really looks great. The images had a similar colour scheme and feel about them, so it really works as a whole piece. The colours are still quite warm, enhanced by the burnt orange fabric underneath. Her laminating is also still white and papery at the back, though apparently it is possible to rub off almost all of the paper without losing the image.

Carol brought along the felt wrap she made in a class at ATASDA with Pam de Groot.
It's made from silk chiffon or "tissue silk", rainbow organza and wool fibres.

Helen was working on binding on a purse.
The fabric is one she printed earlier, enhanced with stitching and a button. When it's finished it will folded into a clutch purse, like this:

Nola was sketching ideas for her sunflower challenge piece, the last challenge of the year.
Helen and Tricia has postcards to swap. Here is Tricia's:
It's an embroidered piece she's been working on, off and on, for some time.

Helen's was a beautiful beaded lizard on a painted and stitched background she made a few months ago. The shape under the lizard is made from Sinamay, a stiffening material.

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