Sunday, 26 June 2011

Our own work

Phew, running a little behind with updates on our activities! Our second May playday had no particular theme, so we were all working on different things.

Bev was doodling, with the idea of making small framed pieces for sale.
I love pattern-making like this!
Carol was working with  more paper serviettes, mounted onto mat board.
This one had been adhered with diluted PVA glue, and then she painted it with watercolour paints.

These ones were laid down over moulding paste.
 They are all intended as the base for future work.

Carol was also cheering up some very basic Masonite clipboards with some paint:
Helen was embroidering as usual:
Nola was painting some bits she'd made from glue and dimensional paint, for her Lost Treasures challenge.
She used her hot glue gun to make some shapes. When she painted them with Lumiere paints, they behaved as if the paint would rub off, so she coloured them with Sharpie pens and then painted over them with Lumiere and Setacolor paints. The first two coins were fabric, adhered together with fusible web and satin stitched. They really didn't look much like coins, even after she stamped on them with Setacolor paints, so she added Pebeo Expandable paint and painted them with Setacolor paints before heating with the heat gun. Some areas puffed to white, so she added more paint and Treasure Gold. Later coins were made from circles of medium weight card, painted with the expandable paint and over painted with Lumiere and Setacolor paints.

We also swapped postcards as usual. Bev's postcard was made from fabric snippets, free-motion stitches and beaded.
Carol made doodle patterns using the programmed stitches of her sewing machine:
Helen's postcard used fabric scraps, pieced together and embroidered.

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