Monday, 14 March 2011

Lazy day

What a bunch of slackers! No-one felt like doing very much today. Perhaps it was the weather, which started out muggy and ended up trying unsuccessfully to rain. Hard to feel engaged with textile stuff, or anything other than browsing everyone's magazines and having a gentle nap, really!

Beverley brought along her finished Language of Threads challenge work, which she called Threads and Flowers. She exhibited it in the art quilt section of her local quilt group last weekend and guess what? It won first prize! Here it is, with its winning labels still attached:

Sorry about the diagonal background, the photographer was in a bit of a rush! Her prize was a delicious collection of Gutermann threads, an interesting Australian quilt book and some sixteenths of fabric.

Most of the day, we chatted and read magazines. Nola was thinking about her Language of Threads challenge, but was daunted by tangled skeins that needed winding before they could be used. Carol was sorting cub scout badges to sew onto her thick coat, which she refers to as "the blanket". She began to sew badges but lost interest. Tricia had her sketchbook but couldn't get started, and Beverley had some stitching but about the same level of interest.

Nola moved on to her Lost Treasures challenge, showing the others the fabrics she'd pulled from her stash to go with the "treasure" she found last time. But none was quite right, so  eventually she pulled out her Setacolor paints and painted some quilter's muslin in a couple of shades she thought might work. She finished off the piece of fabric with some roller marks in blue and yellow paints, blended on the sponge roller.

She wanted a slightly green dark blue. The right side is indigo and ultramarine with a little yellow added but it is still a little too blue; the middle has indigo with more yellow added and is more like the colour she imagined. The plan is to use just a small amount as a narrow border.

None of today's photography is great, because the light was so changeable, but it gives an idea of what we were doing. Such as it was!

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