Friday, 13 August 2010


Our second July meeting was devoted to making simple postcards. The WA Group of ATASDA ran a postcard challenge with the theme of Natural Wonders, and we thought we might contribute some cards. The cards were displayed at the WA Quilt Craft and Stitch Show at Claremont from 30 July - 1 August. Not all of us were efficient enough to finish and send out cards at short notice, though!

Helen was already playing with this fabric with cartoon ladies. But you can see her postcard in the centre (sorry, the photographer wasn't having a good photography day!).
Here's a close-up:
Isn't it beautiful? She doesn brilliant work. Nola was playing with some postcards she'd already started, to try to finish one for the challenge. This one was almost done:
 It didn't get finished in time, though!

Maz also finished a postcard but the photographer didn't catch it in time.
Prue wasn't making postcards this time. She was busy on a more important work,doing traditional needlework for the Historic Houses Trust. The Trust recently put out a call for volunteers to help repair and stitch furnishing for the houses they care for. Obviously, this requires skill in hand stitching, working with historically correct materials and methods. Prue was stitching lace to a set of curtains.
The others were busy elsewhere on the day, so it was quite a small meeting. But we are busy all the time...

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