Tuesday, 12 January 2010

November Play Days

Time slips away, and never more swiftly than when you haven't updated the blog!

After seeing Helen's amazing rug canvas works last time, we were inspired to work on the piece of canvas she gave us. This month, she brought along a piece she was working on to show us.

Full of enthusiasm, we buckled to the task. Beverley was using thin strips of fabric on her piece: She didn't have a rug hook or needle so her work proceeded quite slowly.
Carol used different threads and yarns to get started on hers: The chunky materials filled up the spaces nicely and the work moved along quickly with the rug hook and later, a tapestry needle.:
Nola began with quite thick strips of fabric, which she knotted, rather than sewed, into place. It was quite slow work, tying the knots, though the actual looping through the canvas was quick with a crochet hook. The resulting texture was wonderful, so the work was worthwhile. After many hours of work over the next few days, she finally produced this: It's destined to be a book cover, one day.

Prue was thinking flowers with her circular design: It was slow work and by the end of the day, she had produced this:
I think we were all amazed at how slow the work was, and had a deeper understanding of the complexity of Helen's work in this medium. The plan is that we will finish our pieces for the first meeting in February, 2010. We'll see...

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