Monday, 28 September 2009

Do your own thing

Today was a do your own thing day. Some of us loafed around reading the books that members had brought to share, and that Nola had bought for the ATASDA library. Helen was working on "this old thing". I don't think she should be allowed to describe her work that way, do you?

Tricia was crocheting a scarf with two yarns and the result is gorgeous.

Carol was working on secret women's business for Prue, who was steadfastly not looking. I can only show you this tiny bit: By the end of the day, she had added a lot more stitch and it was looking fabulous. But you'll just have to wait until the end of the year for the grand unveiling.

Nola knitted a bit on the endless jumper. Prue suggested it must be for a giant! Nearly finished...
Next time, we're having a "What the?" day. We all have those materials in our possession that we've long since forgotten what to do with, and often we have projects that have ground to a standstill. So they are all coming to our "What the?" day, so we can pool ideas. I wonder what we'll see?

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